1. End result = fairly fleshy. I think I’ll draw into these and collage with them… These will be pale people.

    19 May
  2. Hand modeling for paperslurry.com! While making some dope art.
    I turned months’ worth of paper recycling (paystubs, passive aggressive notes,) into brand new sheets of paper.
    Efficiency level = extreme. Ecstasy level = sublime. Feels so good.

    19 May
  3. (Source: paperslurry.com)

    19 May
  4. 18 May
  5. 18 May
  6. sun and leaves on my mind.

    17 May
  7. because!

    3 May
  8. 26 Apr
  9. So a rusty found object curio has emerged in my car’s cup holder and I’m not mad

    19 Apr
  10. experiments with rust prints. this is not effective yet haha

    5 Apr
  11. I spent a few Saturdays getting lost in learning pulp papermaking processes. It’s therapeutic to dive into something new—AND it’s informing the development of a big new idea! Aghh.

    This here is a pulp painting//monotyping process invented by May of paperslurry.com. SUSTAINABLE art, you guys. Gets me stoked to an unbelievable degree.

    5 Apr
  12. papermaking #makinpaperr

    5 Apr
  13. (n.b. get the peen carrot whenever possible)

    5 Apr
  14. #treasure

    2 Apr
  15. 8 Mar